Swiss spectacle lenses from Knecht & Müller

For the last 100 years we have dedicated ourselves to good vision in Switzerland

We specialise in the production of high-quality prescription lenses. In other words, not industrially manufactured standard lenses, but predominantly special lenses, such as multifocal and progressive lenses according to prescriptions issued by ophthalmologists and opticians.

We have been official Hoya agents since 1980 and distribute these spectacle lenses exclusively in Switzerland. We have augmented the range of spectacle lenses we offer with our own line.

With an annual production of approximately 200,000 lenses, we are one of the leading spectacle lens manufacturers in Switzerland and, with a workforce of 40 people, we are one of the most important employers in the region.

In our factory, spectacle lenses are ground to the required correction and, if required, are tinted using a dipping process as well as enhanced with the addition of thin coatings. In one of our production workshops, spectacle lenses can be perfectly adapted to suit the shape of the spectacle frame.

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