The Mountain Forest Project

Spectacle lenses and environmental protection – How do the two go together?

Besides our sustainably lead enterprise, the conservation of nature is our concern. In June 2009, August 2011 and June 2014 we closed down our production for a day, to go out for two days to work on the Mountain Forest Project in Trin/Graubünden and this year in Sedrun/Graubünden. Thanks to the Mountain Forest Foundation the villages of Trin and Sedrun, were saved from evacuation. Without the maintanance and preservation of the forest, there would be a great danger of avalanches, erosions or falling rocks.

Our whole staff did things like planting trees to preserve the forest, branches where collected and piled up on one spot to make way for new life. Sick trees were cut down and peeled to prevent the bark beetle population to increase.

Mountain Forest Project 2014


Within this short time we learned a lot about the wildlife habitat of our forests. It’s encouraging to know that everybody can get active and do something to contribute to the protection of our environment. With new found power we gotz back to our well known work places and some of us now cherished their workplace in the dry.

Special Thanks to our customers and business partners for their understanding.

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